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Dead mans shit is a term used when a huge shit the size of ogres foot is left unclaimed underneath a house but is spoken about for weeks on end meaning the leaving of a big shit brings the spirits to hand on finding the dead mans shit leaving no trace but only to play a game of dip dip dog shit who ficking did it , First usual suspect of who has dealt the shit is the person who points the finger at the other player giving himself up but also giving an advantage to bring in other players whilst bringing the shit to the attention of the other house dwellers being so that the person was accused is not the dead mans shit dealer but being the man Loving the idea of being the accused because the OLDER WOMEN in the game is the prize for which they will win whoever is not found guilty because lets be realistic that is so disgusting that middle aged man can go do a turd underneath a house of a man who will have to pays debts for that shit because there is no getting rid of that stinking dead mans shit
Usual prize winner of Dead mans shit is most probably the Big fat one but the skinny one usually gets what he wants cause he makes a good goona stew for the familiar and usually makes em nice and warm for the baby to sleep in the goona room after the blonde one gor get em jealous for the stinky dot . And true gaaaaawwwwwwd i be seekem be nor cry cause she seekem nother guy from em paast so give Older women more time make baby in big goona guts .
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by She can sing man skinny too September 26, 2019
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