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A raw food scam artist who says mushrooms are from space and sells bullshit products, alternative medicines, and what he claims to be facts. He claims to be a guru but it nothing more than a liar and a cunt who plagiarized most of his work and hates Carl Sagan for having proofs to back up his claims.

"Chocolate lines up planetarily with the sun."
"Deer eaters have a different consciousness than a cow eaters"
"...Ginsing lubricates that like eeeeeeeeerk."
"Activate genius."
"Don't use pillows."
"Don't go to the doctor of the dentist."
by SomeGuyFromBoston May 29, 2013
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Crazy, kumquat-snorting fruit loop who things gravity is a hoax, the earth is flat, that deer antlers can make you levitate, that mushrooms fall out of the fucking sky, loves to shock his own nipples, believes the nectar of his ballsack cures cancer, and has proven that vaccines don't give kids autism, David Wolfe gives kids autism.
David Wolfe is a fucking tool.
by mrwiggles1 February 08, 2018
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