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David Jolly (1975-1991)
Born in April 13th, 1975 David was raised in Millville, California by his parents, Cathrine and Peter Jolly. He had a large family growing up that consisted of five brothers and four sisters. Davids childhood was filled with torture by his brothers, but David lived a happy childhood and always worked to make the best of what he had. David was very involved with the Hippie pot-smoking movement that was started in the 70s. Unfortunately, his early drug habit turned into a dangerous addiction to prescription pills which eventually led to his death on June 6, 1991. The prescription pill habit worsened everyday. As David experimented with different prescription pills he was thrown into a state of hallucination and his personality changed for the last three years of his life. After seeing a doctor he was diagnosed with Schizophrenia a treatable condition. His family and friends says that he claims seeing a dark figure follow him at night wherever he went. "He was constantly seeing this dark figure that watched him everywhere he went and his condition got worse and worse" says Dr. Busch his psychiatrist. David claimed that the figure was real and that he was being followed by someone or something, but every time he tried to point it out when he saw it nothing was there. Dr. Busch put David on a variety of psychiatric medication, but he says he doubts that David took them due to the increased severity of his condition.
David Jolly (1975-1991)
This mental disease is treatable with proper medication but David had to quit his pill addiction before he could take the medication safely. His family pleaded with him finally convincing him to accept. Dr. Busch claims that he doubts that David actually stopped and was just lying to get his family to leave him alone. As his Schizophrenia worsened the hallucinations got worse and without taking his medication. Davids roommate claimed David would come in running from work and explain how he saw the figure following him home. Davids roommate, Johnathan Pegrity found him dead overdosed in the bathtub on a prescription pills called Oxycontin. In further investigation the of the apartment local police found a journal that explained Davids thoughts and feelings before he committed suicide. They found that he believed that the dark figure following him trying to "Take him to the bad place." The last page of Davids journal was a suicide note explaining why he had killed himself so that the torture would finally be over. To this day his parents claimed that it was the Psychiatrist fault for not giving David the right prescriptions to deal with his condition but Dr. Busch claims that he did all that he could.
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