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Formidable foe, intelligent, creative, handsome, He is a true man. Not only will women flock to him because of his strength, but also because of his stark intelligence and wisdom. Smart and funny. Has auburn hair and brown eyes. An attentive and selfless lover.

He's a guy that is both strong and gentle, he has compassion, but can still react without mercy. A great leader, all people flock to him. He also knows how to care for women and treat them right, while still wearing the pants in the relationship. To him, the world is his, and he can do anything and everything he wants.

Davids are incredibly loyal, and can often be trusted with very important things. If you wanted to take a walk at like 12 am, or just needed to vent, a David would be the best option.
I miss David Colón so much
by MissinDavid90 March 03, 2011
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