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A huge fat, ugly, (usually ginger haired) man that repels women. Also a form of any of the above, with the C word put after it.
The name comes from the inspiration behind Sloth Fratelli from the film "The Goonies". The actor (Not widely known, was from Yorkshire, England) decided to play his role on the basis of an acquaintance he knew while growing up, namely David Ian Wright. It is not thought to be offensive, more comical as the two still remain acquaintances to this day.
*Looking at basically a fat version of Sloth Fratelli from The Goonies but with company that doesn't favour foul language*

"Look at that Dave Wright, he's as big as Chubby Checker"

Or "He's as much of a stud as a Dave Wright"
by Englishhammer December 12, 2010
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