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born David Lett.
An English musician.
Lead Vocalist for the damned(one of the founding fathers of Punk).
He brought goth style into the popculture world.
Is known for wearing his interesting clothing and makeup on and off stage.
Handles stage invaders like a boss!
Punk Girl 1:'Have you seen the video for 'Eloise' by The Damned?'

Punk Girl 2:'Yeah ! Dave Vanian looks so beautiful in that one ! '

Punk dude 1:'Dude!'

Punk dude 2:'What?'

Punk dude 1:'I just watched that' Love Song' video you told me about!

Punk dude 2:'cool huh?'

Punk dude 1: 'Dude, that Vanian dude is freakin' badass man!! Badass!!!!'

Dave Vanian handles stage invaders like a boss!
by TheGirlK August 17, 2011
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