A website for the depressed who are looking for someone. A profile picture could look hot but is fake. The statistics and stories that you see on ads are a bunch of bull. 80% of the people on these sites are fat chicks, 19.9% are creepy perverts, and the .1% are desperate people looking getting their hopes up for nothing.
Guy 1: So I went on this girl I met on a dating website last night.
Guy 2: Wow..., ummm...cool?
Guy 1: She is coming here soon.
Guy 2: Well, good luck.
Fat chick bursts through wall.
Guy 2: Hey! Is that her?
by Jackie Chan>Chuck Norris November 5, 2010
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A website for 75 year old men who want to go back to there prime days back in the 50's. Or 75 year old men who like you "act" like the other gender, But there's also those 75 year old men who are looking to do some nasty things, but if really do find a real girl/boy they probably are just dating you for Starbucks. I would just stick to being lonely if i were you. Unless 75 year old men are your type then HAVE FUN.
I was using that new dating website tender an a old man messaged me!!
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Websites that perverted old men (50s to 70s, or above. i don't know.) use. They seek out 20 (or lower) to 40 year old women on those types of webpages and ask them for neuds right as they DM the girl. (either that, or they ask to hook up instantly because they want to get laid. lol)
Man: Send neuds, the dating website won't care.
Girl/Woman: Ew, no. Weirdo.
by anonymous200020 July 7, 2022
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