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A deadly hybrid strain of leapracy and ebola viruses. Full name: Purple Atropian Leprabola Virus; Latin: Atropius Lepribolus. Onset symptoms include, a small amount of brow sweat that smells of cheese (cheese sweats). Foremost leading expert, Dr. Rachet Kawolski, leads the research for a cure. If you find yourself feeling hot and you have not eaten cheese in the last 36 hours immediately find a porcelin toilet, place one bare foot inside and flush three times. If a porcelin toilet is not readily available, find the nearest CVS or Walgreens and purchase an industrial size jar of Blue Emu oil and cover your entire body with a thick coat. This will slow down the spread of Leprabola until you can locate a porcelin toilet. Other know lifestyle habits that lead to PALV are bitchassness, not lifting weights like a real man, Cross Fit and a having a Curves membership.
GIRL: My brow is sweaty and smells like dat guda...?
MAN: Damn girl! You got Dat Trope!
GIRL: Son of a bitch, how did this happen?
MAN: Gotta be dat faggot ass Cross-Fit you be doin!
GIRL: You shut your whore mouth!
by Rachet_Kawolski August 12, 2014
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