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The Hugest Erection in the world, hence the fact that it is a redundant statement. It's redundant in the fact that it is two words for Monstrous penis. The word Daryn, believe it or not is a word for Penis, originated in tennessee in the summer of 2008. The word Daryn is followed by johnson, which is a classic term for Penis, thus completing the fact that it is a redundant term in itself. The term, Daryn Johnson, is now commonly used across high schools and colleges in New York and the tri-state area.
Jane: "I touched him, and he got a Daryn johnson right away!"

Jack: "i don't know what happened, but i saw this girl at the movies and I got a Daryn johnson so large it ripped through my pants!"

Maria: "My boyfriend's erections are so large. Frankly, I'm scared of Daryn Johnson's such as his."

Jill: "last time we did it, my boyfriend hurt me with his Daryn Johnson."

As soon as the young Mike turned 13, above his grundle, he had a daryn johnson. now he knew he was a man.
by The_Grundletron February 26, 2009
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