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Any misinformed idiot who think that the evolution theory debunks God (when it doesn't). The term "darwinist" refers to someone (usually an atheist) who religiously advocates the theory of evolution and constantly praises Darwin. Not to be confused with an evolutionist (although many atheists label themselves as evolutionists when they are in fact darwinists). The term "evolutionist" was once used by Darwin himself and many atheist idiots also proudly present themselves as "evolutionists" whenever they get the chance. Everyone else is not an evolutionist because they simply accept the theory but don't feel the need to keep preaching it. Everyone else isn't even concerned about the "creation-evolution controversy" because it's not even relevant to them and in terms of religion and/or theology, doesn't contradict the idea of God as a creator.
Atheist evolutionists believe in the evidenceless hypothesis of abiogenesis to explain life's origins. They are darwinists and refuse to acknowledge that there could be a creator and completely reject the scientific principle of causality in regards to the origin of the universe and life.
by Skialian January 09, 2014
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