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The Darth Virgin is the leader of the 12 Virgin Lord council. They control all activities of the Branch of the Virgin Order they oversee. A Darth Virgin is appointed by the 12 Virgin lord council after the resignation of the Darth Virgin. Their Goal is to convert as many people into the Virgin Order as possible while stopping the advances of the nonvirgins goals. A Darth Virgin the greatest virgin in the area that the Virgin Order controls. They commune with other Darth Virgins every 6 months to update and draw out a plan to eliminate the unholy menace of nonvirgins. The requirement for being a Darth Virgin includes male, virgin, Virgin Lord, and the ability to look better with a zombie mask on.
John: "Have you seen the Darth Virgin? I heard he is the ugliest person ever, he is so lucky"
Fred: " No I haven't but I can't wait to see him as tonight meeting is going to be sweet"
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by DarthVirgin June 03, 2018
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