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A rush strategy employed by a few starcraft 2 players. In a 2v2 match, one teammate creates a small army early on in order to confuse and prevent the enemy from successfully attacking early on. The other player uses the protoss, teching as fast as humanly possible to Dark templars and warp prisms. Using a warp prism you drop 3+ dark templars behind the enemy base, ussually causing the enemy to rage quit.

Works best when the non-protoss player uses marines or zerglings to gaurd their teammates base.
falcon337 sent a small group of zerglings to attack the protoss player in an early rush...

however koalla99 fended off the attack!

the enemy then teched air in a hope of countering the melee...

but just as he got his first air unit Thepastryviking hit Falcon337 with a dark templar rush!

falcon 337 had no observers and thus, rage quit!

by koalla99 August 09, 2010
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