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1) the act of pretending to like something that appears high class, to display that one has very good taste, although that person might have horrible taste in real life

2) Pretending to like dark chocolate, instead of regular or white chocolate, because one thinks that dark chocolate is more unrefined and less synthetically processed than other chocolate forms and that dark chocolate is the closest form to the untouched virgin cocoa of Africa and Latin America, although clearly, every one knows that normal chocolate and white chocolate is tastier.
"Guy 1 - did you see that new French Black and White movie? it was the best movie and contemporary art and unicorns
Guy 2 - what was it about?
Guy 1 - know, the usual stuff, world wars, renaissance art, aliens....all that
Guy 2 - dude....stop it with this dark chocolate don't even know what the movie is about"

John - You know, this dark chocolate has an amazing smell of raw cocoa that no inferior normal chocolate or white chocolate can offer. This must be from Ghana.
Alice - Hmmm....where is Ghana again?
John - you know....umm...that island beside Vietnam.
by KMH_Z April 25, 2013
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