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A role played by some of the biggest degenerates in the League Of Legends community.
Players that usually play Darius support usually feed top lane and even if they do, they can't leash the jungler otherwise "I'll lose the lane"
Darius supports players can however be super annoying to fight in lane. We recommend playing Kalista, because we Kalista's are Darius support's greatest counters, especially in the top lane.

Players that play Darius support can't usually play other lanes and will occasionally play Master Yi, and will either feed the mid laner, afk, or just never gank. If you see a Darius support in your game, help out the League community and report them.

And Dariss supports...
Please uninstall

-Sincerely the League Of Legends community
" Alright time to Darius support"

"Please no"
by A certain mid laner January 10, 2017
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