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Darfob is not a person rather an evil ancient alcoholic spirt. Darfob inhabits a person when they are extremely intoxicated. He makes the person act in a way they normally don't. This could be by being extremely annoying, beligerent, or incoherrent. These are just a few examples of Darfob. Darfob is an evil being and must be contained at all costs. He is the worst of the worst, the lowest of the low. He not only C-Blocks you, he'll make you take care of him. He'll lie, cheat, and steal for another ounce of alcohol to keep him alive in the inhabits body. Beware of Darfob.
Jim: "Hey Chuck, I think you drank a lot, let's go home this isn't like you, if you don't beware Darfob's going to inhabit you."

Chuck: "hiccup, YoooO, I umm get me...drink...I..hate, wait...let me go over...there. I want to..have sex with your..Mom hiccup."

Jim: "Code Red! Darfob is out! Quick! Punch Chuck in his face!"
by Anonymous Friend from Jersey October 27, 2006
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