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Dar'marion is the type of gut that gets the dance circle hype. He plays girls back to back and doesn't care about your feelings if u make him mad . He loves hard . He will be loyal for a girl that he loves . He doesn't let anybody boss him around . He doesn't listen . He's a love and hate kind of person . He's strong minded and stays to himself . He's a basketball player that lowkey can't play but puts on a show that makes it look like he can . He has strong bonds with his brothers and would kill for them and the girl he loves . He's bipolar he would laugh one minute and be silent the next minute . He's the guy girls call his forever boy . Girls want him but he doesn't want them . He's a overall good guy
Dar'marion is my firstlove.
Dar'marion is cute .
Dar'marion really loves her .
by Queen20Love June 16, 2017
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