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Danielle Kristine is usually the most amazing person. She's nice and has a sense of humor. Cutest girl you'll ever meet. Most likely short and adorable. With little hands and feet. She's creative and has more guy friends than girl friends. When she gets really mad, she cries. She's very big on grammar. She's someone who is charismatic and easy going. A loyal friend and someone whom you can rely on. She's responsible and intelligent. She's very sensitive. You feel very comfortable talking to her and going to her for anything. Herself, like her name is unique and one-of-a-kind. Her sweetness is rare to find. But when she gets mad, shit gets serious. Overall, she's very amiable.
"Hey, you know Danielle Kristine?"
"Yeah, I love her"
by z0boomafoo January 10, 2012
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