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At 18 year old boy with long hair, who usually has his hood up to cover his baldness at the back of his head. He is attracted to girls with the name starting with I. Most Daniel Fords like to live in Caravans which people mistake for him being a gypsy. He is a nice lad, with a sweet heart and sweaty toe nails. He likes being in bands playing the trumpet with his mouth.
Most Daniel Ford's like to go swimming with their amazingly attractive college friends; Daniel Ford can sometimes get jealous of how good looking his friends are.

This is right, issssss ittttt? Am I rite?

Daniel Ford likes going to bed

Daniel Ford is in a band

Lets all be like Daniel Ford

Daniel Ford says is it?

Daniel Ford says Am I rite?

Daniel Ford Cya
by Joshua Waldron February 03, 2014
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