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01. Dani Scannia also known as Mohd Hanafi Bin Jamaluddin.
02. His alter ego was born in Oslo, Norway, but actually he was born in Ipoh, Perak and was raised and then moved to Kuala Lumpur.
03. Like, “Hey, how you doin.”
04. Charming, funny, sweet, intelligent, sexy and secretive.
05. Very friendly and sociable, everyone loves him.
06. Extreme metal drummer, chronic alcoholic and notoriously high end socialite. He currently plays for melodic death metal band Effigy Eclipse and brutal death metal Blood Legion, other projects including Neverdeless, Violet End, Carnage Majesty and various of joget contemporaries and dangdut projects.
07. Has a very good stamina, and that is why he’s a bloody drummer.
08. He is a sex icon in metal and alcohol scene.
09. Does not aware of himself portraying by others, that is why he has such a dry sense of humor.
10. Tall, dark, sexy with long hair, who wears black 24/7. Sometimes people call him Black or Dani.
"Hey, how you doin'. "
Dani Scannia, scania lori.
Black, black, black.
by gianna_michaels_lsd June 04, 2009
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