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A drinking game requiring brass bollocks.

Players stand in a circle, and a (closed) can of lager or cider is introduced.
The first player holds the can in their drinking hand, and (with the rest of the group) chants "Dan-Ger Can, Dan-Ger Can, Dan-Ger Can".Each syllable is accompanied with a vigorous shake of said can.
The shaker then must hit the side of can against his forehead, using only his one hand, and with no shoulder movement. If the can remains intact, it is passed to the next player. And so on.

The game ends when the can is sufficiently split as to render further play impossible. The splitter must (if possible) consume the contents of the can.

Variants: Limited only by your imagination and willingness to live
"Who wants to play danger can?"
"Not on a minibus - open spaces only!"
"Danger bus, danger bus!"
by Jimzilla November 04, 2007
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A drinking game involving a can of beer (lager) and a group of people.

The game starts by the first person shaking the can as hard as possible in time to the rest of group chanting "Dan-ger can, Dan-ger can, Dan-ger can!" After the 9th shake the shaker smashes the body of the can into their head with as much force as they dare.

This continues around the group until a fracture appears in the can. If it is just a small leak then the person who caused the can to leak then they must cover the hole, and repeat the process until the hole opens up. The smasher then attempts to drink the resulting deluge of beer as the rest of the group cheers/avoids the rain of beer.
"Guys, they are playing danger can, lets join them!"
by Perkinator November 12, 2007
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