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A high school in Wellesley, MA that started as a boarding school but is now about 60% day students and being a boarder there is generally not recommended because DH is really not a place where you want to spend 24/7, what with the constant supervision, strict rules, mediocre food, and bitchy girls. It is a pretty good school academically, though probably not as good as their rival school Windsor. However, the arts programs and athletic facilities are amazing and there is even an equestrian center with several riding rings and a stable. A lot of the boarding students are international, and DH is actually pretty diverse, though perhaps not when it comes to socioeconomic status. Let's be real, most of the girls there are loaded but it doesn't mean everyone is spoiled. Every once in a while you can spot a rogue minivan in a sea of BMWs. One of the best parts of Dana Hall is the traditions, which are really fun and a great way for grades to bond with each other. The worst part is the admi

nistration - they are extremely rigid, uptight, nit picky, harsh, and just downright annoying. The most recent development is an intense crack down on dress code and hyper-vigilance of short lengths. If you aren't on their radar you will be fine but once they have you marked out as a "bad one" you better hope your parents are paying full tuition.

I am so happy I graduated and escaped from Dana Hall School... shout out to the DH college counseling office though they are amazing
I graduated from Dana Hall School with an excellent education and an acceptance to my top-choice college (shout out to the amazing college counsellors) but I was really excited to get out of there. It is a very difficult environment but if you survive you will be a stronger person I guess
by gradumawhatsit September 09, 2013
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