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The most famous, athletic, and intellectual of the Travis Clan. He is very attractive and tends to have his way with the ladies. He tends to remove his clothing a lot throughout the course of the day and night and could possibly be walking around with his genetalia removed from his pants. He could possinly be one of the nicest people you ever meet, even if at first it doesnt seem so. He is very funny, sometimes so funny that simple minded people around him do not understand his humor. Even So, he is still one of the greatest people you'll ever meet. If you don't meet him your life was most likely a complete waste and you should sit in your room and cry. But if you become one of the lucky ones who got to meet him, then you have been blessed from up above and should thank god for everyday you have spent living your life and the long life you have to come.
Dan Travis is the Man.
by DanTravisFan101 August 18, 2010
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