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(n) - a disease in which the infected grows strength, chivalry, and, as described in medical terms, a "whopping pair of cajones". Infection produces interesting side effects, however, including increased amounts of testosterone (which leads to increased female attraction, specifically those of the blonde persuasion), improved ability to recognize pitches (see "perfect pitch"), and even lack of cohesive thought. Based off of multiple figures with the same pseudonym functioning out of locations such as Los Angeles CA, Ridgewood NJ, and Boston MA.
Guy #1: Dude, how was your Friday night?

Guy #2: Man, I swear I must've gotten Dan Lay syndrome; I met the hottest blonde chick, convinced her to give me a blumpkin, and then she offered to pay me afterwords for how good it was!

Guy #1: ...well, fuck.
by Too many anons October 30, 2011
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