Dan Cole "The Common Man" is the most awesome radio show in the Minneapolis/St. Paul/Greater Minnesota area. He hosts "The Common Man Show" on the Fan, a Sports/Talk station in Twin Cities market which which is simulcasted across the upper midwest. His show consists of Tomfoolery ans Skullduggery. One of the first to coin the term Rube, his sense of humor is that which some people don't understand. He'll pretend to be dumb and not know what he's talking about, when he actually does know what he's talking about, just to throw some people who don't get the humor off. He has a following callied the commonwealth who help contribute humor to his show. His show is also called "Nothing at Noon", and also "Next to Nothing at 1"
Dan Cole "the Common Man" is the King of Twin Cities radio.

Dan Cole is 10 times better than that idiot on the KQ Morning show Tom Barnyard
by Patriotic Leftie June 9, 2009
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