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1. A RuneScape clan filled with hypocrites who bend every "rule" in thier favor.

2. 90% of them CAN'T PK for shit, and travel in groups of 50 when "pking" at mage bank.

3. Nerds who love pixels, and will flame/eThug you if you refuse to give them yours. (e.g. attempt to run)
Damage Incorporated Example 1:

0mfg0rz: *posts clip of DI clearly PJing a DM at mage bank* DI pjs at magebank?

Bibbleboy: Don't Dm at mb. Simple as that.

Darealkelly: I agree with bibbleboy.

1 week later

Bibble: *post a pic of dommark44 pjing his dm at mb* Rofl! Dam loser nerd! Pixel Hugger noob! Give me my stuff back or I swear to god ill hunt you everysingle day untill you get so tired you quit RS!

Darealkelly: What a noob??!!!

Damage Incorporated Example 2:

Tyler11: FFS it's DI.

Crack My Sak: I told you the could smell barrows from miles away. Especially if they're complimented with a skull. :\

by Andrew Gower May 01, 2006
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A confederate of losers and drop-outs seeking commiseration for their real life patheticness through means of an online game, namely; runescape.
When you think of damage incorporated, think not of a staggeringly high combat level - instead, think of the hours wasted watching and clicking on a computer screen.
by starky August 09, 2007
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