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Makes Bagdad Middle School look like heaven on Earth. People here are either potheads, scenes, fake preps, or wannabe gangstas. You minus well call the administration The Taliban -- an oppressive regime of Christian fundamentalists, with the faculty being their very own Al-Qaeda.

Bathroom stall sex, racial tension, homophobia, and sexism flourish at this school. Don't be surprised if you find a condom in the 6th grade area's drinking fountain. The buildings look truly like prison chambers, and staring at the mind-numbing purple and silver school colors too long will give you a serious migraine.

Most students here will graduate to a lifetime of therapy and mental institutions. But the lucky ones at DRMS shouldn't be too discouraged: by the time they start at Deer Valley, all the bitches and hoes will be washed up or a drop out by junior year (can you say "would you like fries with that, sir?").
Dallas Ranch middle school is an institution for dumbass shitheads we'll just call students.
by ThisCitySucks July 05, 2009
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