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The homosexual restaurant chain and nephew of Dairy Queen. Their food/drink items are often named after famous gays and lesbians, such as the "Ellen Melon". Their hottest dessert dish is of course, the banana split, served with small or large bananas to cater to one's liking. Jello shaped like boobs is popular among females. Employees commonly play awesome music from artists such as Village People, Gloria Gaynor and the Boys Town Gang. There's also a special "Fri-gay Movie Night", showing films such as Brokeback Mountain and various other gay ones I haven't heard of. Many places frequently get robbed.

This could also be used as slang for calling someone gay, but nobody would understand what that means.
I was walking downtown the other day and came across a Dairy Prince. As I am not gay, and didn't want to converse with the numerous Dairy Princes inside, I went to Dairy Queen instead. Upon getting home, I listened to some Pantera and watched The History of the World: Part I.
by retsaM etaN July 10, 2008
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