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A dago bomb is just a big firecracker that explodes in the sky. At comercial displays, this firework usually has a bright tail on its way up. It explodes with a bright white flash and a shockwave that backs up its impressive sound. Dago Bombs are now illegal in most or all states without a permit. Somewhat similar (though larger) to the M-80 or Cherry Bomb. Dago Bombs have an explosive power high enough to destroy or heavily damage almost anything that it is detonated near.

May Also Spelled ( Diego or Daygo ) Bombs.
Back when I was a yout my crazy friend Jason light a dago bomb with his cigarette while in his living room, walked to his front door and threw it outside in the middle of the front lawn. seven seconds later there was a huge BOOM that left a crater in the snow about a foot deep and five feet in diameter. that crazy bastard!!
by tECHNOtODD_CT September 27, 2010
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