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Possibly the best football side in the whole of Europe. Won numerous UEFA Champions League trophies, and consistently come first in the top-tier English Premier League, except in 2007 when Manchester United bought Olympic deep-sea diver Christiano Ronaldo. Dag & Red ahve a rich and significant culture, with people such as the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall having played for and represented the club. Dag and Red kicks your ass.
Guy 1: I support Chelsea!
Guy 2: I support Man U!
Guy 3: I support Arsenal!
Guy 4: I support Liverpool!
Guy 5: You bunch of tossers. Dag and Red are so good that they can juggle a football with their hands. When they chuck a free throw, they get so much leverage that their feet leave the ground. Tossers.
by ronaldo can go dive in a sea August 29, 2009
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