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Dad thicc is the body type of typically a Middle aged male similar to mom thicc, where as mom thicc refers to a woman with wide hips and large breasts, dad thicc refers to a man with large wide shoulders, large hairy forearms and a protruding and in some cases destined stomach, coupled with a general “beefy-ness”. Many males of the past 50 years have taken in the “dad thicc” ideal as there preferred body type and it is very easy to spot as it caters to no particular race or region of the country. “Dads” are most often seen in ether dark khaki slacks with a stripped polo shirt that seems overly tight or in faded blue jeans that will be pulled up to the bottom of the rip cage accompanied with a t-shirt tucked in the the jeans with or without a belt. The most common place to witness this marvel of nature is in shopping malls, little league games and Applebee’s all across America.
Man 1: dude I can’t wait to have a couple kids and get that “Dad Thicc” body
Man 2: me too man! I cant wait to go to cookouts in my leather sandals , drink beer and complain about my job.
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by Imma_bear_rawr February 23, 2018
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