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The Last week of ones semester, generally characterized but not limited to:

> Coffee
> Scantrons
> Pencils
> Pens
> Computerized Testing

And etc..

Known to mentally screw wit the best of them, known to make grown dudes cry on the 3rd floor of da lieberry, and also the prime time for a drive-by on a TA. Real talk.
Dude 1: What it do pimpin?
Dude 2: Chillin like a gremlin cuz .. Ey, you wanna get ratchet on Thursday night wit dem fine chics from Room 207???
Dude 1 : Can't bruh...
Dude 2: Maneeeee, that blows! Why not dog???
Dude 2: Dang! Not DA FINAL WEEK!
Dude 1: Yea pimpin.. If you need me you can find me at:

> Da Librareyyy - 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, 4th floor?
> Up in PJ's Coffee
> Up in CC's
> Up in Starbucks
> At da Help Desk.
> At da Bookstore buyin up mo scantrons and bluebooks.

(Don't forget my pencil wit it!)

Dude 2: Oh, fa sho.. I got you a pen wit it too!
Dude 1: Preciate that mane.
by DeeJay LSU May 14, 2010
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