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A DLL is a very attractive male usually in college and also in a Fraternity. Below are the main characteristics of your typical DLL
1. 6' and above
2. Tone/Muscular
3. Perfect teeth
4. Blessed with a cute name
5. Brown/Blonde hair
6. Green/Blue eyes
7. Clean cut & Shave
8. That Jawline
9. Eyebrows on fleek
10. Knows how to dress
11. Good Personality (aka Not a fuck boy)
12. Possibly a few tattoos
13. Got to have that "Flow"

If you ever encounter a guy that is blessed with these characteristics, understand that he was sent from the Gods and you need to snatch that shit up before its too late.
Hanna: "Do you know that guy over there in the hat?"
Rory: "Yes, Jackson. He has the sexiest green eyes and is to ripped. Could a DLL (daddy long legs) except...."
Hanna: "What?"
Rory: "He's a Soul eater".
Hanna: "Damn Gingers, fucking things up"
Rory: "What a scrub. Common, lets dip the fuck on outta here"
by clarkey98 September 24, 2016
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