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Originating in 1998 out of Southeast Texas as DJ Makro, this urban/techno/house DJ underwent a name change in 2000 becoming DJ PsYkiK. He has been synonymous with third coast rap, rave tracks, and appearances as DJ for local events to include weddings, dances, and even karaoke events. Continuing his hobby of musical mayhem, DJ PsYkiK produced many underground tracks of his own as well as incorporating hyperactive bass beats and grooves to existing rap titles. Taking an interest in online gaming as a secondary outlet for his overactive creative genius, DJ PsYkiK used his self-proclaimed title as an online alias, dominating arenas in Unreal Tournament, SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater with ease. During late 2004, DJ PsYkiK began experiencing difficulties in his life which stemmed from work-related stress and began to infuse some of his newer mixes with a darker, more violent tone due to borderline depression and health issues. In early 2005 to reflect these changes in his persona, he underwent another name change from DJ PsYkiK to DJ F00x. He said "I want people to realise that I don't give a fuck anymore...about anything that I used to." Although close friends claim he is still as clever and funny as ever, users listening solely to his music will most likely disagree. Where as the old name DJ PsYkiK was to portray him as a being of psychic brilliance, his new name simply means "fuck all y'all" and "I don't give a fuck" (f00x is used because fuck is usually censored everywhere and he still wanted to reach his fans). He still produces the occasional tracks and is actively DJing at various events. His online gaming is also still at large.
"Did you hear that new DJ PsYkiK mix?"
by Fandango March 13, 2005
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