One of New York's leading mixtape purveyors, DJ Envy climbed up the ranks quickly and, by the early 2000s, was peddling the latest exclusives and freestyles by big-name rappers like Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and the L.O.X. In fact, his reputation was so esteemed that Sony signed him and his affiliate label, Desert Storm Records, and in early 2003 released his commercial debut, The Desert Storm Mixtape: DJ Envy - Blok Party, Vol. 1 on Epic.

He was most recently found out of being a dj who takes music from the internet
and uses them on his tapes. very lame.
i guess he's not a real dj afterall. too bad a lot of kids look up to him.
DJ Envy is a dj in NYC who spins hip-hop, rap and r&b. He is known throughout the hiphop and mixtapec community and most noteably the internet music community because he takes from songs from there (that he downloads) and puts them on his tapes.
by DRUGGY April 24, 2005
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