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A homosexual man named SikhoaUsed to describe a sexual phenomenon experienced by a man who refuses to pleasure his own member. He is copulating with his partner either anally or vaginally and on the verge of climax begins to throb incessantly. Often times he will cry out, chirp, or shriek in a cracked voice as he is overcome by the intensity (and sometimes pain) as pressure in his erect member reaches a considerably extreme level. Upon orgasm, ejaculate is rushed up through the vagina or anus accompanied by urine that is flushed out by the dramatic pressure change. Once urine builds up enough over a particular area, its acidity will breach and tear all the way to the diaphram and the seminal fluids that float on water will eventually rise to the throat of the unfortunate partner. Named after a devout catholic who was part of 18th Century Scottish nobility who was both forbidden to masturbate and encouraged to have many sexual partners. Sikhoa was tuburcular and when his concubines were discovered to have his penile residue on their tonsils, they had to recieve immediate tonsilectimies in order to survive. And when a guy takes a shit in another guy's mouth, then proceeds to pack the shit down the poor bastard's throat with his dick until he pukes it out for use as anal lube.
Tom: You got something in your teeth bro, it looks like fudge.

DIRTY SIKHOA: Nah man thats shit still stuck in there from the Jimmy the foreign exchange student gave me last night. Oral sex with Sikhoa is awesome bro, try it sometimes.
by SICKYLICKER July 05, 2009
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