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The resident or residents of the DEATH HOUSE. A bloodsucking parasite that collects anything of value from the male personage, this includes sexual bodily organs, gold, jewels(family ones!), your wallet, and anything else a man holds close to his heart and/or underwear. The DEATH WENCH, not unlike the common vampire, will suck you dry and leave you feeling highly violated (not in a good way!). The DEATH WENCH, also a crafty creature, will stalk her prey and will wait for the opportune moment to strike, usually when her prey is highly intoxicated or on the brink of DOING THE DODGE.
Death Wench: 'Hey, check out that young piece of man meat, looks like he's on his way to DOING THE DODGE!
Minion: Yes master, you're right, I believe he is. Shall I ready the dungeon and crank up the Iron Maiden? And don't worry, I got the gimp suit back from the dry cleaners this morning.
Death Wench: 'Ready away, I will frisk him for any loose change. By the time he wakes i will already have a hand full of his bolony pony and his dignity will be long gone'
Minion: 'Yes master and what of the strap on?'
by Lt.biscuits November 04, 2007
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