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A BDCI Zombie/B is any individual who is unconditionally loyal to Drum Corps International and its founders and supporters(qv) and holds an unshakeable belief that the drum and bugle corps activity began at its founding in the early 1970s.

A DCI Zombie may vaguely comprehend some realization that drum and bugle corps and competitions did indeed exist in quantity prior to DCI, but quickly dismisses all pre-1970 corps activity, history and personalities as non-relevant and unimportant.

DCI Zombies are highly protective of their parochiality, and usually any mention of the earlier, pre-DCI massive nationwide Golden Age popularity of drum corps in comparison to the severely-shrunken activity as it currently exists is quickly met with highly-defensive justifications usually based on personal loyalties.
(Also see "The DCI Lie".)
"She tried telling those DCI Zombies that we used to pull 40,000-plus fans every weekend all over the country back in the Golden Age, but they still thought that their 2,000-something was a good crowd."
by GeorgZnaeym August 18, 2006
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