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More acutely referred to as "The DRB", this refers to the act of snapping a voluptuous profile pic of one's self while in a local garment retailers dressing room. The centerpiece of the picture is naturally the hyper-engorged manhood member. One must achieve a level of arousal that makes it appear as though he is smuggling Gonzo's nose in his boxer briefs, but not so engorged that it is blatant fluffing. Compression of the 'fat pad' or mons pubis while simultaneously pumping the member will achieve this perfect state of arousal - or DRB.
Man oh man, I was at the mall the other day and walked into a dressing room and caught a guy who was in the middle of prepping for a D.R.B. (dressing room bulge). I couldn't help but to notice how engorged it was... it looked like Gonzo's nose.
by Moe_to_the_ June 05, 2018
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