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Noun. The part of the brain normally only found in female humans though not exclusively, which stores each and every little thing a partner does wrong, which is annoying, etc. Instead of sending the signal "They have done something you do not like. Tell them so they can learn and grow.", this brain centre will store all these incidents. Then, on the day they wish to dump their partner (D-day), this part of the brain will unleash all these stored memories to counteract the guilt caused in the act of dumping.
"And they told me of the time I did the laundry and left a dirty sock in the basket. And the time I asked to live together, and they assumed I meant right now. And one day cleaning the cutlery and pots, I left a fork on the counter, and..."
"Dude! They fully discharged their D-day capacitor on you! I'll never get why people do that instead of telling you right away, so it doesn't eat away at them and allows you to learn from your mistakes."
by Dirtcreature X1 May 28, 2018
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