She is the best friend you could ever have. A D’Yani is amazingly smart, beautiful, and most of all great at keeping secrets (sometimes). Though you may get you annoyed at her sometimes, you will forgive her no matter what. You don’t want to get to far on her bad side she might not forgive you. She is also a best friend that you know how to make her laugh... and when she does you will be happy, beacause lord knows why you guys will have to deal with. D’Yani is one of the friends that you will want her crush to notice her so much, that you will do anything for her to get noticed,such as push her toward him, tell a friend of his, and most of all make fun off her for it. Then when you become best friends, (a week after meeting her) you know how to make her laugh get her mad make her sad and most of all get her to for give you. If you meet a D’Yani you should hold on to her for as long as you can.
by Ang4553 January 3, 2018
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