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Pronounced Vuh-djin-djah. An outwards crotchly thrusting motion, (also known as 'air humping')in which your hands are in two fists at your side. You lift your left leg at hip level, and raise your fists out in front of you. You the proceed to jump with your right leg, bringing your hands down behind your back, and slam your left foot down. It is perfectly normal to proceed in a D'Vaginga at any given time. :) Usually done by the female race, in an attempt to degrade the male race. they have too many things to put us down anyway its about TIME we got something. :)
*Boy Walks By*
Girl #1: Oh gee, look at him now!
Girl #2: thats deserving of a D'Vaginga *D'Vaginga's*
Girl #1: *high five* thats safe g.
by Tatti November 23, 2007
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