D Cat is the ULTIMATE BEING IN THE UNIVERSE, his allies are Cheezits Cat, and God Cat. He has the power to destroy 100 universes, and at least 25 CENTILLION humans. His arch nemisis is Demon Cat, Their powers are nearly EQUALLY matched, Demon Cat's Allies are Tall Cate, and Socc Cate. D Cat's low power form, is R Cat, R Cat can destroy one universe, though, it will not survive the universal deletion, this is why D Cat has Cheezits Cat and God Cat on it's side, they have enough power to revive it from its R Cat state.
Dude 1: Ello' mate, may i interest you in my religion?
Dude 2: what's your religion?
Dude 1: -Shows photo of D Cat-
Dude 2: I',m interested
by Chad3 November 20, 2021
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