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1. The rage one feels while trying to enjoy a nice drive but instead has to slow down excessively or dangerously pass road cyclists repeatedly.

2. The desire to taunt, mock or disdain people who chose to wear matching spandex bike outfits complete with logos that make them appear as if they've been sponsored. This feeling is often intensified if the outfit matches their bike and helmet or if the person is visibly out of shape.
My cycle rage got so bad that when I was passing the 19th cyclist on my drive I felt tempted to tap him off the road with my car.

Ultimately I blame Lance Armstrong for my cycle rage... he was the one that made riding bikes on roads in ridiculously tight spandex cool.

When I saw that fat guy splattered with spandex logos on his bike my cycle rage started spiraling out of control. We all know he's not sponsored.
by Road Cyclist Hater April 18, 2010
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