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They are a breed of nihilists who circle like flies around malodorous causes, eager to pick the winning side, fearful to commit to anything beyond intangible principles. When their cause of the moment is proven wrong they are craven, but unapologetic. When they are right they are triumphant and gloating, parading across the Internet and demanding accolades.

The typical Cyber Libertarian supported the Iraq war until the moment the polls turned sour and deflects difficult issues of social libertarianism by crying "state's rights!" They lack all human empathy, are perfectly happy to return to segregation as long as it doesn't raise their taxes, and have almost invariably never gone without for a single day of their lives. They probably suffer from self-diagnosed Asperger's Syndrome, but don't we all.
The Cyber Libertarians will one day rule the Internet, and they may just get Ron Paul up to four percent in the polls!
by psoldier May 07, 2009
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