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A subtle killer, lost in the shadow of the fear of Hot From Far Away. It could strike on the subway, in the classroom, or any situation in which a person finds themselves unable to get more than a sideways glance at another person. Being so close, the person feels secure in the belief that their sideways glance has provided them with all of the evidence they require in order to rate the cuteness of a girl/guy. What they don't prepare for, however, is the possibility that they are DEAD WRONG.
Jeff: Hey, what happened to that girl that Steve was going after? Did he ever ask her out?
Pat: Ledgend has it he was mid-sentence, ready to ask her out when... she turned to face him...
Jeff: Cute from the side?
Pat: Gorgeous... but in reality... less like an 8, more like a 5.
Jeff: My god...
by Maltier Loth May 08, 2011
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