You, you are a cute person.
Stop Doubting yourself.
You are loved.
The person that is reading this is a very cute person.
by Yoda.LoveBaby January 8, 2020
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a person who is very adorable who you probably have a crush on. they smile and you smile with them cuz you cannot reject a special moment like this. I'd suggest going up to them and say "notice me Senpai". you also need to tell them you love them, and hug them close so they never leave your side. they mostly will blush if you tell them they are a cute person.
by personthingeddsworldlover January 12, 2018
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by Person_cutie February 16, 2019
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National cute day is celebrated on March 11th were you hug the people you think are cute and or things !
Person 1: Hey whats on March 11th?
Person 2: oh it’s national hug a cute person day *hugs*
Person 1: oh really? *hugs back and than hugs there pet*
by unknown shipper pie ship March 11, 2020
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