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A cheese substitute founded by the Kraft family. Often included as dry powder in a box of pasta. A custard mitten is the term used for the leftover residue of tapioca gelatin that dries overnight inside a whore's vagina. Proteins are introduced and the mitten is pasteurized by General Custard. In the morning after the Custard's delivery, the mitten walls are scraped by the Kraft employees (like Keebler elves) to collect the flaky dry cheese powder alternative to be re-sold into Kraft grocery products.
"General Custard, I'm fucking hungry. Get your fingers out of the founding fathers, wipe my wife's ass off your glasses and get the fuck into the kitchen to whip me up a delightful custard mitten. You'll find my daughter waiting in the kitchen for your delivery."
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by DrDoodleDandie February 19, 2018
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