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The population of students who increase the need for a curve or scale in a class, specifically due to poor grade performance.

The curve fodder primarily thrive in college environments, perhaps due to the abundance of chemical resources. However, they have been observed developing in earlier stages of education.

The creature can be identified by its notorious, wide-eyed and confused response when presented with a test, and can be found at the conclusion of the class frantically scratching down random work and answers as the instructor forcibly demands it from them.

The curve fodder is your ticket to a better grade, as long as they continue to do worse than you. Respect the curve fodder, as there will be inevitably a time at which you will find yourself a part of their collective.
"I just got back from that final, I heard 75% of the class didn't finish. Curve fodder ftw."

*notices someone's single digit score, announces "A WILD CURVE FODDER APPEARED"*

"Oh man... definitely was reppin the curve fodder on that last test. The guy next to me got twice my score."

Instructor: "Okay, times up..."
Curve fodder: *writing*
Instructor: "I need the tests..."
Curve fodder: *writing faster*
Instructor: "Tests now or you all get zeros"
by flamindogpoo October 05, 2010
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