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A curry storm is when there is a group of people of Indian or South Asian descent and they talk so much that there is a very strong smell of curry from their last meal, in very severe instances there can be curry "dust". Depending on the exact location of the storm you could also smell coffee, camel and taxi smells which sometimes seeps into their clothing. These people are usually very arrogant too, so the mix of curry smell, dust and arrogance creates a curry storm.

Curry storms are most common in libraries and other places that are dedicated to being quiet because their inherited arrogant nature forces them to be loud and noticed in these places.

The storms can be classified by categories depending on how many people are involved, ex. 2 people would be a category 2 curry storm.
I was just in the library and there was a category 5 curry storm, all the dust made my eyes burn.

I can't study in the middle of this curry storm.

I just passed through a category 6 curry storm and the smell of curry made me sick. Damn Nigdians

Elizabeth was stuck in a curry storm with the Iron Sheik.
by Owl Manning February 26, 2011
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