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(1) One who looks nice, sweet, fun, etc, but is indeed a bitch.

A peach that looks delicious, but is actually fowl in flavor.

(2) A peachy cunt is the other way around. A girl who looks awful in one way or another who is actually one who should be a homegirl

A peach that looks awful and disgusting but has the sweetest flavor.
(1) Thing One: Wow, everyone likes Jessica, I bet she's really nice, we should hang out sometime.

Thing Two: Don't be fooled, she's a major cunty peach. don't get involved with that skanque.

(2). Thing One: Look at that girl over there, she looks like a major bitch.

Thing Two: Alyssa? No she's the shit! She's just a peachy cunt, but she's got your back and will fuck a sister up for you, if need be.
by MarryMack November 07, 2009
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